When I was two, my parents named their juice business, Fresh Samantha, after me. 

Now I’m all grown up and haven’t forgotten the fun, healthy smoothies my family made in Maine! But the juice industry did, and fun and fresh parted ways. Today, fresh juices are often serious, pricey cleanses while more affordable smoothies tend to be heated and contain refined sugar or GMOs. 

Always on the go, I started drinking fresh juices and cleanses thinking they would sustain me, but, instead, I just felt starved... 

I learned that these juices made me feel this way because they were usually lacking in the key macronutrients for a complete meal: protein, good fats, and fiber. So I decided to take what I learned from my family to create a well-balanced superfood blend! 

Yes, I'm all grown up and fresher than ever with my own smoothies! Here’s to a fresh blend like the one that made me lick my lips and twirl my curls in a purple skirt: a wicked delicious, super nutritious meal in a bottle!