What makes Wild Sam a complete meal?

Unlike most juices, cleanses, and smoothies that only have micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and living enzymes), Wild Sam has all of these as well as the macronutrients necessary for a complete meal: 

~ Plant-based Proteins from seeds or nuts, NOT powder or soy. Sam makes sure every bottle is packed, so you get 7-9g of protein in every bottle -- that's more than a whole egg!

~ Good Fats from organic extra virgin olive oil, organic seeds, or nuts. These actually help the body BURN fat & better absorb vitamins and minerals! 

Complex & Unrefined Carbs from plants that give your body the energy to thrive!


Why does Sam blend instead of juice?  

Sam blends whole fresh plants, fruits, veggies, olive oil, nuts and seeds to hold onto essential nutrients, like fiber, that are lost when juicing. Fiber helps the body maintain stable blood sugar levels and a healthy weight! 


Why does Sam make sure fats, yes, FATs are in every single bottle? 

Sam makes sure every single bottle of Wild Sam has ample GOOD fats from organic extra virgin olive oil and organic hemp seeds! These are considered good because they're actually known to BURN fat and help lower bad cholesterol. Most smoothies and juices are lacking in good fat, which is unfortunate because it is vital for absorbing all the vitamins and minerals!


Does Sam add sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives? 

Sam never ever adds any preservatives, sugar, or artificial sweeteners to her blends -- not even agave or stevia because these sweeteners can actually have the same nasty effect on your body as sugar (spike blood sugar levels & convert to fat!).  


Why doesn't Sam blend the raw, organic hemp seeds? 

So that you have to chew them! This simple act promotes healthy digestion and releases enzymes that help your body absorb more nutrients! 


Why is Sam wild?

Most smoothies on the market are pasteurized with heat, which kills vitamins, minerals and living enzymes. Sam uses cold pressure, instead of heat, to crush pathogens but keep vitamins, minerals and enzymes alive!


Does Sam use organic ingredients?

Yes! Sam strives to use organic ingredients whenever possible and always keeps the dirty dozen clean!


Is Wild Sam vegan, gluten free, and NON-GMO? 

YES, YES, and YES! 


Why does Sam use whole hemp seeds for protein over protein powders? 

Sam uses whole, raw hemp seeds instead of hemp protein or any protein powder because these powders, no matter how "pure" or "healthy" they call themselves, are typically over processed and heated to a point where the protein is actually denatured (meaning the body most likely can't even use it!) 

These powders are also often filled with preservatives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), allergens such as dairy (whey protein isolate) and soy, as well as other synthetic toxins from aspartame, saccharin, and artificial flavors. 

Instead, Sam uses raw, non-gmo & organic hemp seeds in every bottle, which pack a CLEAN punch of complete protein -- more than a whole egg!

Click here for a more extensive article on the harms of protein powders and the benefits of hemp seeds on the wonderful MindBodyGreen


Why does Sam use hemp seeds instead of the popular chia seed? 

Chia Seeds may be the popular kid in the school right now, but hemp seeds are just as powerfully nutritious! Like chia, hemp seeds are an amazing source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, but they have DOUBLE the protein -- that's why Sam packs these super seeds into every bottle! 


Why does Sam use organic extra virgin olive oil? 

Extra virgin olive oil, the superstar of the healthy mediterranean diet, is one of the best sources of good fats around! While the word fat has the connotation to cause weight gain, good fat is actually known to have the reverse effect! Extra virgin olive oil is also teeming with phenolic antioxidants, vitamin E, squalene, and oleic acids, all known to help remove free radicals. With all of these nutrients and more, extra virgin olive oil has been touted as a yummy way to youthful skin, mental agility and a healthy heart!

For a more in depth look at the endless benefits of extra virgin olive oil, click here for an awesome article in Body and Soul